Benefits of Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook time tracking is a simple, secure and cost-effective alternative to Excel based time reporting. It also offers a robust project management workflow and email reminders that help with compliance.

This integration lets you automatically add your appointments, meetings and tasks to your timesheets. This data is then suggested for submission and compiled to generate your weekly time reports.

Boosts your productivity

Microsoft Outlook is not only a popular email and calendar system, it’s also an effective tool for personal productivity and project management. With a few tweaks and integration with other systems, it can become an even more powerful tool for your work.

For example, if you integrate your Outlook calendar with TimeCamp, each meeting and activity will be automatically time stamped in the app. Each logged event will appear in your private timeline called Memory. This makes it easy to track and report on client or project-based work.

It also helps you prioritize emails by showing which ones are waiting for replies, if any are close to an SLA reply time target and gives you real data-driven insight into individual and team performance. This is something that you cannot get from the native analytics in Microsoft Outlook.

Accurate reporting

When reporting on time spent on a task, accuracy is key. Misreporting just one hour can be costly for a business. And bad reporting breeds inaccurate business decisions.

TMetric integrates with Outlook to allow users to track their work hours automatically. All emails and calendar events are tracked by our app and suggestions for submitted Outlook time entries are made to the user’s daily timesheet.

Our app also lets employees prefill their timesheets using appointments in their calendar. This allows them to save 2-4 hours each week and increases their timesheet accuracy and chargeability. The efficiencies gained are felt by both employees and management. Employees get to keep all their work in one place, while managers have access to a regimented system to improve project budgeting and billing.

Increases motivation

One of the best benefits of using time tracking software is that it empowers individuals to improve their work habits. When team members have insight into their own productivity, they will be more motivated to avoid distractions like checking emails or attending unproductive meetings. They will also be more likely to prioritize the most important tasks of the day and finish them first.

Using a simple app that integrates with Outlook is an effective way to track time. These apps offer more features than the default Outlook Calendar and enable users to automatically create and save time entries based on their daily activities. They also offer a stop watch that is easy to use and can help users get more accurate results by eliminating the need to guestimate.

Boosts morale

Employee morale is a critical business metric that impacts productivity, attrition and the overall work culture of your organization. Managers are responsible for boosting the morale of their direct reports and inspiring them to give their best at work.

Resembling little more than legitimised spyware, there’s nothing quicker to send team morale plummeting than imposing time tracking software on your team members. It signals to them that you’re not completely confident in their ability to manage themselves.

It also sends the message that you’re willing to track their every move. It’s much better to promote the benefits of a healthy work-life balance and other wellness initiatives that show your team that you value their wellbeing. Putting your people before profit will help to boost morale.

Improves your business

Ensure every billable minute is accounted for by automatically syncing calendar events with Timeneye’s Outlook time tracking software. This allows you to improve your productivity and increase client satisfaction.

Team members don’t have to guess at their work times anymore – they can simply start the stop watch and save their tracked results directly into a specific project task. This eliminates over- or under-billing and prevents unnecessary stress in the workplace.

Managing projects efficiently with the project management software InLoox is made possible by tracking project times seamlessly in Outlook, online in a web browser or on the go via mobile time capture. This increases transparency and accountability in the workplace and leads to improved client relationships and measurable business success. It also helps identify over- or underworking team members who can lend a hand to others.

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